Is Cognomovement the energetic tool that you have been looking for?

Would you like to make fast and effective energetic shifts without knowing the root of the problem or even having to talk about it?

Simply notice where the body is feeling sensation or reacting and focus on that during a very brief Cognomovement session!

"Open the door... It may lead you to someplace you never expected..." - Unknown

So often we get focused on trying to eliminate the problem or the symptoms or the discomfort and we forget that what’s really happening is that we are shifting energy! That’s everything! If you work in the realm of energy and chakras by yourself or with clients, Cognomovement can create a very fast and effective shortcut to longer, more cumbersome processes. We know now that with the energy shifts happening on our planet and in our beings that our abilities to heal and raise our vibrations 

are increasing exponentially! This tool is one that has moved rapidly with the energetic shifts and assisting in creating much needed change for it’s users and the planet!

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