The athlete's advantage.

Every athlete knows that their performance is related to their

  • Natural Talent

  • Learned Skills

  • Training 

  • Work Ethic

  • Mindset

High-level athletes know that to obtain the winning edge they not only have to HAVE all of these, but also need to EXCEL in all.

Mindset and beliefs are often the biggest obstacle for an athlete because it's an unknown factor that can't be "trained" out.  What STOPS you is the thing you can't see for yourself. But when CLEARED can give you an "unfair" advantage! Learning or perfecting a new skill often takes time. 

What if it didn't?

Often the highest-level athletes are separated by micro-skills.  To acquire, define and master a micro-skill in as little as 10 minutes will also give you a major advantage!

"There are so many doors to open. I am impatient to begin."  -Charlie Gordan

Install new skills and delete bad habits instantly!

Most new skills take valuable training time to learn and then even more practice time to seal it in to your unconscious skill set.


With Cognomovement, once the desired and specific skill is targeted, it is then “installed” in the athletes neurology. Allowing the skill to be instantly useable and expandable. The same is true for deleting an old or unwanted skill or habit. Saving valuable, time, and the athletes energy.

How does a training with Liz work?

How do I know if I’m ready to instantly upgrade my skills?

You must be open to changing your mind about what’s possible for you as an athlete.  For your sport and for you as a person. You must be open and willing to experience  training in a brand new way. More that anything else you must be open to change, because things will change rapidly and dramatically!

1. Liz meets you at your training location where you get specific about your goals for yourself and your sport.

2. A base line is set for your current levels and skill sets

3. You undergo a series of mini sessions to eliminate any blocks to your goals, training, sport, coaching, beliefs, expectations and more.

4. Liz uses her expert ability to see micro movements in the body to evaluate you while you demonstrate the skills you wish to upgrade, install or delete.

5. Liz then creates a CM session specifically to address your needs and then she works that session with you.

6. This is repeated until the desired skill is successfully carried out.

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