I first had my daughter work with Liz at the age of 12, the summer before her 7th grade year. My daughter was suffering from such anxiety about the upcoming classes at school, particularly math, and how she was certain she would fail. she was often tearful and even physically ill at the thought of attending school. she clung to her thoughts of future failure. She would even wake up in the morning crying in a total panic. I noticed a huge change in her attitude even just after her first session with liz. She was still nervous but all physical signs of her anxiety had decreased almost 100%. By the end of her third session she was positive talking about how she now believed that she could work hard and even achieve a "B" in her math class. She never again visited that ugly place of anxiety and self doubt. All of her thoughts were sprinkled with positivity and even excitement. She did work hard-without the weight of anxiety-and two years later she can hardly even remember the times that she was crippled with fear over passing her math class. She now is an "A" student in math! Thank you Liz!

Amy N.

Liz has helped me through many transitions.  She has helped me clear my path to success.  Her ability to help me see my way on this journey of life is absolutely amazing.  She has helped me to see my potential, master my ability to communicate and has gently guided me to be the person I was meant to be.  I have finally reached the place in my career and my life that I only dreamed was possible because Liz saw me and showed me that what I wanted was not only possible but achievable. 

Tammie S.

When I was stressfully preparing to meet with a family member, that I feel has cause dysfunction in the family, I turned to Liz. I was equipped with what Liz calls communication superpowers. I was given tools to ease my worry, communicate effectively, and diffuse situations that might get out of hand. After meeting with Liz I felt powerful and confident. I would recommend Liz to anyone of any age.

Gabby W.